A Foundation for Education

Created by Children, for Children, has been established by community of Children. It is the
goal of the Foundation to provide education for children in need by leveraging digital technologies.

Our Goal

Making education accessible to the poorest of the poor children and
empowering them to break the cycle of poverty and to become resourceful citizens

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Looking for Corporate and Individual sponsors for 6 DigiClass Projects.
Each Project needs $2500.

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Introduction to DigiClass by CaringChildren Now

The objective of the CaringChildren DigiClass is to enable Children's basic Maths operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and use 500 new words to speak and write in English after a year of implementation.

CaringChildren DigiClass Program for Maths and English is a first of its kind intervention that uses FOUR new innovations.
Starts with WholeBrain Activation to increase the focus & ability to use full potential.
Online Platform to assist the teachers in teaching English & Maths.
Audio lessons with music, songs, stories and games.
Live Tutor from global volunteers using Digital Platform.

You can help!

Your little support can bring smile of there

Proud Sponsor SuneraTech:

“We are excited to be part of CaringChildren mission. In the first year of our sponsorship of DigiClass, we have seen significant results within the children. Most of the children can now speak and write 500 new words in English” - Anil Thalakera, COO, Sunera Technologies Inc.